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The CSIRO-GEMOC Nuclear Microprobe

System Overview

Lens System

Beam Shaping Controls

Scanning, Beam Deflection


Data Acquisition and Analysis

Target Chamber

NMP target chamber

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Target Chamber

The chamber is based on a 150 mm O.D. central tube which permits an effective lens working distance of 80 mm to be achieved, and provides ample space for a mirror to redirect light from the face of the target up into the vertically mounted microscope. The main tube size permits large horizontal ports for a vacuum load-lock for sample changing, using a magnetically coupled transfer arm, a sample goniometer and a gamma-ray detector. There are also small ports for two X-ray detectors, particle detectors, X-ray absorber filter magazine controls, transmitted light illumination, view ports and electrical feedthroughs [1,2,3].

The microscope used is a Questar SZ-100, a catadioptric reflecting microscope with a 150 mm working distance and a minimum field of view (using a 0.5" CCD camera) of 360 µm. One useful feature of the SZ-100 is the remote control of the microscope focus and step-zoom controls. The SZ-100 also provides coaxial reflected light illumination. Transmitted light illumination is also provided.

The target goniometer provides X travel of 100 mm and Y,Z travel of 50 mm, and options for axial rotation and a second rotation degree of freedom using a coaxial linear drive. All axes (X,Y,Z,theta,phi) use stepper motor drives and computer control. The X and Y axes use micro-stepping to provide resolutions of 0.6 and 0.08 µm, respectively. The rotation axes have a resolution of 0.01. The Amiga control software maintains a list of points and scan areas for analysis.

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